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Iron Dynasties Book 2 is a collection comic, which takes in Rona #1-3.

It profiles the teen Valkyrie's struggles against Harald Dragonblood and the Power Males, who intend to take over Rona's homeland.

Special guest cover artist is Janine Van Moosel.



Rona #1

The stories featured in Iron Dynasty Comics are adventures set in an original world. Season one is set in the fifty first year of the Mother Creator. Stories in this season include quests featuring Iron Wolf, the Lycan King who wants to unite the world under a fair and just senate. There is also Rona, who is a Pleiadian Valkyrie who sets out to protect her people against the aggressive Power Males. More heroes include Birham, the Ethorian Centurion, who is framed for a hostile takeover and Chaos Dream, the former brigand who desires to return to civilization.



Iron Wolf #1-8

Rona 1-3

 Centurion #1-2

Chaos Dream #1-2




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