Iron Wolf #6 ink front cover copy.tif

 Iron Wolf #6

The Lycan king has sent a peace envoy out to the Janosian emperor, after Iron Wolf interfered during their battle against the ogres. More trouble for our hero back at home, as the priesthood known as the Brotherhood of the Bat continue to plot against him.
Story and art- Barry Lumsden

Colour- Steven Denton
Lettering- Nikki Foxrobot

Iron Dynasty Comics produce a mix of sword and sorcery, martial arts and sci-fi adventures set in an original universe. Some of the heroes featured in these stories include Lycan King Iron Wolf, who wants to unite his world under a fair and just senate. Rona the teen Valkyrie grew up in a land ruled by seven queens and Birham the young centurion, who was framed for a hostile take over. Sci-Fi adventure series is the Elemental Knights, who are a group of galactic eco warriors.