Wind Of Change cover.jpg

 Elemental Knights:
Wind of Change #1

The galactic eco warriors known as the Elemental Knights are in search of a member who can control wind. They feel that the perfect candidate is found in Feelair youngster Gabriela but first they must rescue her from a prison set up for those who are spiritually gifted.
Story and art- Barry Lumsden

Colour- Thiago Marques
Lettering- Colin Maxwell

Iron Dynasty Comics produce a mix of sword and sorcery, martial arts and sci-fi adventures set in an original universe. Some of the heroes featured in these stories include Lycan King Iron Wolf, who wants to unite his world under a fair and just senate. Rona the teen Valkyrie grew up in a land ruled by seven queens and Birham the young centurion, who was framed for a hostile take over. Also keep your eyes open for the upcoming Elemental Knights series, who are a group of galactic eco warriors that can control the elements.


Iron Wolf #1-8

Rona 1-3

 Centurion #1-2

Chaos Dream #1-2

Elemental Knights- Wind of Change #1-3





Artisan Market, Kirkcaldy: Dates to follow.

Scotland Comic Con, Edinburgh, Royal Highland Centre: 8th-9th of October.

Glasgow Comic Con: June 3rd 2023